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The Best Movie Road Trip Car

1970 Dodge Challenger from Vanishing PointThe best movie road trip car ever is a familiar make. It co-starred with Barry Newman in the early ’70s cult classic “Vanishing Point.” The 1970 Dodge Challenger in the film is hands-down the best movie road trip car. Made to compete in the pony car arena of that time, it featured a sporty exterior package and plenty of horsepower. We featured the Challenger and the movie “Vanishing Point” in a Hollywood Wednesdays post previously.


Body and Interior

Vanishing Point’s two-door Challenger sported a cream-colored finish, a hard top and dual hood scoops. The front had a recessed grill with the red R/T emblem, which stood for Road and Track, next to the Challenger insignia. The rear of the car featured sport dual exhausts, and the entire package stood on chrome 15-inch road rims. The inside featured the Challenger insignia embossed on the extreme right side of the console, an upgrade from the glued-on insignias from previous years. For this year and make, the Challenger featured the Rallye instrument cluster and a speedometer that went up to 150 miles per hour. Drivers maneuvered the vehicle on its large, vinyl front bench seat.


Stories and Facts

The 1970 Challenger was a completely new design from the previous year. Dodge remade the Challenger to compete with Ford’s Mustang and Chevy’s Camaro. The Dodge Challenger shared its body design with its cousin, the Plymouth Barracuda, but the Challenger body was a little larger. The Challenger body could take any Dodge engine of its era. It outsold every muscle car in 1970, with the exceptions of the Mustang and Camaro. The 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T packed a wallop under the hood. It carried a 383-cubic-inch V8 that put out 330 horsepower at 5200 rpms and 425 pound-feet of torque at 3200 rpms.


Revisiting the Challenger

The Dodge Challenger has remained a favorite of car enthusiasts since its release. With plenty of driving movies coming out in the future, it is sure to have many more moments in the spotlight. Its sporty exterior and robust engine make it the best movie road trip car ever made. If fans are lucky enough to attend the Hot Rod Power Tour coming up in June, maybe a 1970 Dodge Challenger will appear at the event.


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