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The Forward-Thinking 1957 Dodge Custom Royal

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From CRO Members Bob and Shelly Schmidt

Dodge has long been known for creating powerful and forward-thinking cars in terms of style. However, nothing proves this more than the 1957 Dodge Custom Royal. This beauty, which was released in four different models, had both power and design. Here is a more in-depth look at what made this vehicle the star of the 1950s.

Dramatic Styling

While most people remember the 1957 Dodge Custom Royal for its sheer power, the outside of the car was just as memorable. Featuring dramatic dual side fins, the Custom Royal took the industry by storm. However, its quad headlights may be the most interesting feature, even though they weren’t legal yet in every state. This certainly added to the draw of the car and showed how Dodge wasn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Rare D-500 Option Engine

For those into power, the Custom Royal engine has a lot to offer. Featuring the rare D-500 option, the body of this vehicle houses a V8 engine capable of producing over 310 horsepower. With the ability to produce 345 pounds of torque, this vehicle has the power to back up its good looks with raw power. If you couldn’t see the Custom Royal coming, you could definitely hear it thanks to its dual four-barrel carburetors and dual-barrel exhaust system. Dodge wanted this vehicle to be a head turner, and it got its wish.

Body Styles of the 1957 Dodge Custom Royal

Dodge wanted to make sure that people who wanted a Custom Royal had options. This vehicle was released in three main body styles: two-door convertible, two-door hardtop and four-door hardtop.

While the two-door convertible featured a bit less power, it was the most stunning of the three to look at. The front of each model had a heavy, chrome bumper structure. The inside of the vehicle was just as nice, featuring high-quality material and plenty of room. While it didn’t look like it, this car was the perfect choice for family life, especially for dads who weren’t ready to let go of their hot rod years just yet.

Despite coming out close to the end of the ’50s, the 1957 Dodge Custom Royal really stands out among the vehicles from the decade. It also did a great job of paving the way for vehicles that used a similar style throughout much of the ’60s.


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