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The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Stands the Test of Time

1912 Rolls Royce Silver GhostOriginally given the title from Rolls Royce as the “Best car in the World”, the Silver Ghost was produced from 1907 till 1926.  It managed just 6 miles to the gallon and its top speed hit 60 mph, but that was more than fast enough considering speed limits were 20 mph in 1912. The Rolls Royce’s interior is so luxurious, it leaves modern vehicles looking a little under dressed. Fittings were made from silver and ivory while door panels were made from silk.


We featured the 1908 Silver Ghost in a past post.


In 1912, the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost made racing history when its factory team finished ahead of the entire Alpine Trial race pack. That momentous day dictated a new performance level for automotive racing engineers via the Rolls-Royce team’s success.


Under the Hood

The Silver Ghost cradled a six-cylinder, in-line engine controlled by a four-speed gearbox. Its 7,428-cubic-centimeter engine produced 50 horsepower at 1,500 revolutions per minute with a water-cooled engine and cone clutch shift assembly. Throughout its production run, Rolls-Royce supported the Silver Ghost with elliptic rear or cantilever suspension springs as well as friction shock absorbers. In 1919, Rolls-Royce added electric lights and a self-starting engine to the Silver Ghost. In 1923, the model received drum brakes on all four wheels.


The Legend of the Silver Ghost

Before the Silver Ghost was given its official moniker, it was known as the 40/50, which was the measure of the vehicle’s horsepower output. When the Rolls Royce team built a silver-painted 40/50 Ghost for a company executive, the move earned it the permanent name Silver Ghost, a title upheld by the media.

In all, a total of 7,874 Silver Ghosts were produced from 1907 to 1926. It is estimated that remarkably, there are still 1,500 Silver Ghosts today, which is a testament to the vehicle’s construction

At an auction in 2012, The Silver Ghost sold for 5.8 million euros ($7.1 million) to an anonymous bidder, making it the most expensive Rolls Royce ever sold at an auction.


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