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The Three Most Memorable Car Names

"What's in a name?" Shakespeare famously asked in his classic play "Romeo and Juliet," and while he seems to conclude that the flower would smell just as good regardless of its name, there's no doubt that a great name can be a make or break in some cases.

After all, if a name wasn't a big factor, then car companies wouldn't look to rebrand lagging models. And history is full of times when this approach paid off in just about every industry.

For example, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays didn't have much success until they shortened their name to the Rays. They even made their first playoff appearance in their first year under this moniker. Also, it's not like "Pearl Jam" was selling out stadiums as "Mookie Blaylock," and its hard to imagine that would be the case. 

3. Porsche Carrera (1963 – 2012) – The Carrera is one beautiful car, so good looking in fact that at this year's New York International Auto Show, I noted that Porsche didn't seem to do anything to promote its newest models, eschewing any fancy marketing for just putting the car on the floor. But, it's easy to see why, the Carrera has done quite fine through word-of-mouth marketing on its own.

2. Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud (1955 – 1966) – While Rolls-Royce's Silver Cloud replaced the Silver Dawn and Silver Shadow – both equally excellent names – it wouldn't be an easy feat for a marketing team to dream up a name that's as synonymous with the luxury the company stands for.

1. Ferrari Testarossa (1984 – 1992) – Just saying Testarossa gives you the feeling of something exotic, whether or not you choose to roll the Rs or acknowledge that the word simply translates as "red head." While the car's wind-tunnel-refined look and its inclusion in the beloved TV show "Miami Vice" didn't hurt, the Testarossa oozed cool, and had a name and performance to back it up.

What do you think of Pete's list? Did your favorite car name make the cut? If not, tell us why your favorite car name deserves to be on this list below:

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