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Three Cool Destinations for a Route 66 Road Trip

With the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour less than two weeks away, we want to dedicate our theme week this week to road trips. We start the week by looking at one of the most famous road trip routes in the U.S.A., “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.”

Route 66, America’s most famous historical route, stretches from Chicago, IL, to Santa Monica, CA. While The Main Street of America no longer officially exists, almost the entire stretch is still driveable. Some people try to make the Route 66 road trip as short as possible. The trek’s scenery is one of the best parts of the adventure, but they are missing out on what this famous U.S. passage really has to offer. Of the hundreds of things to see and do on this legendary route, here are three Route 66 icons that stand out.


Jack Rabbit Trading Post – Joseph City, Arizona

Jack Rabbit Trading PostThe most famed part of the Jack Rabbit Trading Post is their signage, observable when traveling westward. Once arriving at the store, a simple, austere storefront greets travelers. There are plenty of road trip goodies inside. The store’s aisles offer Route 66 and Jack Rabbit Trading Post memorabilia. The iconic souvenir shop also houses a mini Route 66 museum. Before visitors leave, they can take a cool picture astride the shop’s oversized bunny statue and in front of the famous “Here It Is” sign. If Route 66 travelers are passing through Arizona, this is definitely the place to pick up their mementos.


Big Texan Steak Ranch and Motel – Amarillo, Texas

66 Drive-inThe Big Texan Steak Ranch is an eatery that all Route 66 travelers should try at least once in their lifetime. Every diner gets a chance to have a steak dinner absolutely free. If the diners at the famous steak house can finish a whopping 72-ounce steak–and its sides–in one hour, the entire meal is free. The meal costs $72 if they do not finish. As a consolation prize, diners can take what remains of the meal and have it for dinner the rest of the week. The winners also have their name posted in the 72-ounce Hall of Fame, which is viewable on the eatery’s website.

Even if travelers do not attempt the 72-ounce steak challenge, the steakhouse’s other menu items come in extremely generous portions. In Texas, they like their meat a little on the charred side, so diners may want to order their steaks a temperature below their normal fare. If diners become too full to drive, they can have some down time in The Big Texan Motel. One thing is sure, diners at the Big Texas Steak Ranch will leave full and satisfied.


66 Drive-in – Carthage, Missouri

66 Drive-inRoute 66 travelers should absolutely plan a layover in Carthage. It is home to the 66 Drive-in, one the last of a handful of drive-in movie theaters in the United States. The theater has screened movies since 1949. Although the 66 Drive-in is a historical landmark, it features the latest, first-run silver screen productions and all the conveniences moviegoers look forward to at a modern movie theater. Is there a better way to get a family into the road trip experience than to watch a big screen movie from the comfort of the family car? It’s an impression that will last a lifetime. Movie time is a bargain at the 66 Drive-in, with admission at $7.50 for adults and $6 for children. The 66 Drive-in is the perfect place to experience a bit of the old and the new at the same time.

Although the Route 66 passage looks deceptively barren, there are more things to see and do on The Mother Route than humanly possible if travelers plan ahead. Every convenience imaginable is accessible via the famous transcontinental passage’s hundreds of off-ramps. For travelers about to get their kicks on Route 66, plan ahead to make the memories of a lifetime.


What are some of your favorite destinations, favorite road trip routes or the best road trip you ever took. Let us know in the comments section below or on our Cool Rides Online Facebook Page.


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