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Three Coolest Snowmobiles of 2016

2016 is a great year for tough individuals who want to shred the snow and enjoy the pure thrill of adrenaline. These adventure seekers will be glad to hear that several high-performance snowmobiles are on the market. These cool snowmobiles will allow riders to handle anything from fetching supplies in the dead of winter to exploring the vast open wilderness.

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800 Indy SP

800 Indy SP - 2016The 800 Indy SP will surely be a favorite among serious snowmobile riders. This new model by Polaris offers smooth handling through a newly designed chassis. This top-quality chassis allows agile performance that is found in only some of the best off-road vehicles. Modern adventurers can use the 800 Indy SP to conquer tight turns with minimal risk of flipping or otherwise damaging the vehicle. When combined with its sturdy front suspension system, the 800 Indy SP’s chassis is great for handling a range of challenges that people often face in the wilderness. People who enjoy the feeling of cold air rushing past them will be glad to hear that the 800 Indy SP also provides exceptional speed and performance. This snowmobile utilizes a Cleanfire engine that allows for responsive power. This ensures smooth acceleration. In addition to the high performance standards of the 800 Indy SP, riders can also enjoy an ergonomic seat and handle bars for superior comfort.


Yamaha RS Vector

Yamaha RS Vector - 2016Yamaha’s RS Vector is not for the faint of heart. This new snowmobile is the obvious choice for people who are looking for looking pure unadulterated fun. The RS Vector is a powerful machine that will get riders to their destination in even the most challenging conditions. This cool snowmobile uses a 4-stroke engine and 41mm Mikuni fuel injector for optimal acceleration and speed. People who plan to use this new model for off-road purposes will appreciate that it is equipped with a sturdy and lightweight chassis that was designed specifically for rough conditions. One of the most prized features of the RS Vector is its state-of-the-art electronic system. This automated system controls acceleration for fuel efficiency and smooth riding.


800 RMK Assault

800 RMK Assault - 2016Adventurers who plan to tackle the challenges of the mountainous wilderness will find the 800 RMK Assault to be an invaluable asset. This snowmobile has a high center of gravity and lightweight design to provide maximum lift. This makes the 800 RMK Assault a great vehicle for climbing massive snow mounds and crossing expansive snow fields. The light carbon fiber structure of the 800 RMK Assault is coupled with an electronically controlled exhaust system to provide excellent fuel efficiency. This allows most riders to accomplish their goals in the wilderness on a single tank of fuel.


The 800 RMK Assault, Yamaha RS Vector, and 800 Indy SP will certainly impress riders who are looking to face the challenges of ice and snow.

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