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Three Tips to Prevent an Icy Windshield

Frosty carThis winter we have written several topics about caring for your car and safety tips. Some of posts were how to winterize your car, storing your classic car for the winter and things to keep with you in your car in case of emergency. One of the most frustrating things to deal with in the winter is keeping ice and frost off your windshield.

In colder climates, de-icing a windshield can add half an hour or more to the average driver’s morning prep time. Fortunately, preventing avoiding the hassle of an icy windshield can be done relatively easily and economically using the following tips.


Use a Physical Barrier

The best way to prevent ice from collecting on a windshield is to cover the car with a physical barrier. This can be a car cover, tarp or plastic sheet. Some drivers have also used old floor mats to cover the windshield. By providing a physical barrier between the auto glass and the elements, frozen precipitation will form on the covering itself, which can be removed prior to driving.


Vinegar to Prevent an Icy Windshield

White vinegar is a simple household product that is inexpensive and effective at preventing a frost-covered windshield. For best results, the windshield should be wiped down with undiluted white vinegar prior to parking the vehicle. The next day, the windshield will be frost-free. Vinegar may also be sprayed onto the windshield before the temperature drops below freezing. When using white vinegar, it is important to ensure that the vinegar does not make contact with the vehicle’s paint.


Windshield Anti-Freeze Solutions

Automotive supply stores now sell products that can be applied to the windshield to prevent the buildup of frost, ice and snow. These products are available in spray form or can be used as windshield wiper fluid. Not only do windshield anti-freeze liquids clean the windshield, but they also keep the glass free of ice. In the event that ice does build up on the windshield, there are also similar products that can be used for fast ice removal. When choosing a solution, it is important to read labels and ensure that the solution is safe in the event that it makes contact with other parts of the vehicle, such as body paint and chrome.

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