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Top 3 Attractions Travelling to The 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour

Road Trip Week continues today here at the CRO Blog. Yesterday we looked at three cool destinations on Route 66. Today we look at three of the top attractions to visit as your heading to the start of the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour starting June 6th.

Of the many roadside attractions in America, three stand out above the rest. Situated along otherwise unpopulated, scenic stretches of U.S. highway, these local legends are the perfect pit stops to build memories on long family drives.


Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac RanchCadillac Ranch lies 15 minutes east of Amarillo, Texas, on the iconic Route 66 thruway. The art display features 10 Cadillacs submerged in the sand, grille first. A Texas art group installed the exhibition for a local millionaire who owned the property.

The cars’ years range from 1948 to 1963. The artists chose the cars to depict the Golden Age of the Automobile, a time when competing American automotive manufacturers released drastic new designs. The attraction has been a local favorite since 1974.


Longhorn Bar and Grill

Longhorn Bar and GrillPassersby on Interstate 19 in Amado, Arizona, have the pleasure of experiencing an Arizona legend. Built by a Tucson sculptor, the former Longhorn Bar and Grill front entrance stands 30 feet tall.

Before the restaurant, the adobe structure housed a several other businesses. Travelers can no longer order a hot meal here because the eatery closed in 2012, but the attraction is still a wonder to behold.


Sombrero Tower

Sombrero TowerSombrero Tower is a local favorite in Dillon, South Carolina.

Located on Interstate 95, the 200-foot-high billboard advertises several South of the Border businesses started by entrepreneur Alan Schafer. The iconic road sign features the establishment mascot Pedro.

The 1950s beer stand has since expanded to include a restaurant, hotel, souvenir stand and amusement park. This South of the Boarder franchise is a fun family attraction for all.


These attractions are a great road trip highlight for classic car lovers as they travel to and from the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour. They add a dash of culture and excitement to long stretches of beautiful American highway, helping make memories that families will never forget.


What are your favorite road trip attractions. Share them with us in the comments section below or on our Cool Rides Online Facebook Page.


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