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Top 3 Chevy’s of All Time Based on Performance

Between “Z Code” cars, Corvettes and a long line of legendary V8s, there have been some amazing cars in Chevrolet’s history, for both the street and the track. Which ones are the fastest?


Fastest Factory Chevrolet: 2015 Corvette Z06

Corvette z06Between the factory racecar of the late ’60s and the recent supercharged “Blue Devil,” the name “ZR1” is synonymous with top end performance. However, technology moves on, and that means the new Z06 easily surpasses both cars without requiring hand-built construction or astronomical pricing.

The Z06 may have the same size supercharged V8 as the Blue Devil, but a new vehicle platform and technical advancements help the new Corvette reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds and pass the quarter mile mark in under 11 seconds, a full half second better on each count than the ZR1.


Fastest Street Legal Chevy: Larry Larson’s 1998 S-10

Larry Larson's 1998 S-10At Drag Week 2015, Larry Larson’s S-10 did the quarter mile in 5.950 seconds at 244.43 mph, the first time any street-legal car had broken into the 5-second realm. It’s not just the fastest street legal Chevy; it’s the fastest street legal car in the world.

The 10-liter (620 c.i.) twin turbocharged big block makes over 3,000 hp and is mounted to a SFI-certified racing chassis, but this truck is more than technically legal. To make it usable outside the track, a removable fuel system was added that lets the engine switch from alcohol to gasoline, while an overdrive and a cooler make the racing transmission usable for highway cruising. It also retains the stock cab and bed, keeping the ergonomics intact.


Fastest Chevy Ever: Flash Fire Chevy

Chevy Flash FireWhile it may be a surprise that the fastest Bowtie vehicle isn’t a Corvette, it makes sense knowing that the record holder was built by the same people who operate Shockwave, the world’s fastest semi. The Flash Fire joins a 12,000 hp Pratt and Whitney engine out of a US Navy T-2 Buckeye trainer jet with an S-10 body by using a hand-built aluminum frame that took two years to construct. Capable of going from 0-60 mph in 1.5 seconds, the truck has a recorded top speed of 375 mph and may be able to reach 400 mph if given enough space.


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