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Top 3 Items to Keep with You in Case of Emergency this Winter

Winter DrivingAs the winter has progressed we’ve posted about how to winterize your car and how to store your classic car for the winter. We also shared 3 tips you should do before you drive home for the holidays. Today we want to cover have to protect yourself in case of an emergency when your on the road this winter.

Winter often brings bad weather, which leads to treacherous road conditions. It is essential to be prepared when taking a road trip. Here are three must-have items to pack in case of emergency.


First Aid Kit

No one knows when an emergency will strike. During winter, slick roads often lead to accidents. Minor fender-benders may result in scrapes and bruises. A first aid kit will come in handy, especially if it contains items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze and other medical essentials. Also, dried foods with long shelf lives are wise to pack as well. Granola bars and beef jerky are good choices because they are energy dense. To make sure the supplies do not roll around in the trunk, place them in a small cardboard box for storage.


Extra Clothing

When cars get stuck on the road, no one knows how long the delay will last. It is vital to remain warm. It may not be possible to keep the car running, so packing an extra set of clothes will be useful. Many clothing manufacturers produce down jackets that can be squashed flat so they do not take up much space. Wearing layers keeps the skin warm. An extra sweatshirt, coat, gloves and hat are ideal garments to have available. It is smart to pack blankets as well.


Car Supplies Kit

Placing small items in one car kit will keep a person safe when emergency strikes on winter roads. Jumper cables help start a vehicle’s battery in cold temperatures. Flashlights provide light and help signal for assistance. Bright LED bulbs are recommended. A shovel and ice scraper remove snow from a sudden storm and help to dig a vehicle out quickly. Tire sealant patches a flat tire temporarily so a person is not stuck on the side of the road. Finally, a small bag of sand provides traction when a car is stuck. It also adds weight to the car.

The above items are smart things to keep in a car during the winter months. Being prepared will keep a person safe and warm in times of emergency.

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