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Top 3 US Roads to Test the Power and Performance of Your Car

There are no autobahns in the United States where people legally can drive as fast as possible. However, there are some desolate roadways across the country where driving enthusiasts can put the pedal to the metal and, most likely, won’t get a ticket. Here are three such roads.


Highway 318, between Hiko and Lund in Nevada

Highway 318 - Hiko and Lund in NevadaThis 90-mile stretch of road meets all the criteria. It’s mostly straight and is lightly traveled as it connects two of the smallest towns in Nevada. However, here’s the catch. Twice a year, the road is closed for events called the “Silver State Classic Challenge,” where contestants can legally drive as fast as they can. Some cars have reached recorded speeds of more than 200 mph during the race. It’s not only a chance to put a car through its paces but also check out the muscle cars of the many other contestants in the event.


Interstate 70 in Utah

Interstate 70 in UtahThe area between Green River and Salina is the longest distance between motorist services on the entire interstate highway system. Of that 106-mile stretch of highway, there is about 80 miles of connected open roads, allowing drivers the chance to take the road less traveled at whatever speed their vehicles can handle. This part of the Interstate also allows drivers to make up time after traversing through the Rocky Mountains on I-70 in Colorado. Keep in mind that “no motor services” also means no gas stations in this stretch, so drivers should make sure to fill up first.


Arizona Route 79

Arizona Route 79It’s a 43-mile straight shot between the small towns of Florence and Oracle Junction with absolutely nothing in between, and this road can easily handle speeds in the triple digits. There’s nothing but desert in this area, so visibility is excellent. The area gets very little rain, allowing optimal driving conditions. In 2011, the traffic-monitoring system INRIX designated it the “fastest road in the nation,” with the top 5 percent of vehicles traveling this circuit clocked at 88 mph on average. This stretch of roadway was designated as the Pinal Pioneer Parkway. Besides being able to drive fast, great views of the Santa Catalina and Tortilla Mountains can be seen from this stretch of highway.

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