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Using Indoor Car Storage Lifts At Home

CarStorage_liftMany homeowners, at times, might be compelled to look for more options to enable them to practice a good storage culture for their automobiles. This is mainly due to by a large number of vehicles some people compelling to adopt indoor car storage lifts to help them in indoor storage for their vehicles.

Limited space in most residential areas has also accelerated this practice with many people already adopting this methodology. Many local authorities in the residential areas are also adopting rules and regulations aimed at increasing the use of indoor storage lifts at home to help in space conservation.

Types of car storage lifts

Car storage lifts fall into two major categories:

1. Two-post
The two post car lift comes with a 200-volt single phase motor. It is the most popular type. Many people often go to buy a storage lift with only the two-post car lift in mind. The main advantage of the two-post lift is that it can raise the car to higher height in a low-ceiling garage

2. Four-post
4post_liftThe four-post involves a 110-volt motor that can be installed without using any special wiring. It is not that popular among buyers but is highly effective compared to the two post lift. A four-post lift actually makes more room than the two-post car lift. Four posts are ideal for extremely low-ground vehicles since they are much easier to load compared to the two-post lifts.

Using indoor storage lifts at home

Before you start using your garage lift, it is important that you go through the manual from the manufacturer to make sure you are well aware of the guidelines. Look out for the optional caster lifts that comes with most of the car lifts. The optional caster allows you to roll the car around the garage.

In a case of any mechanical malfunction with the lift, it is recommended that you contact the manufacturer. Or, contact a highly qualified professional. Do not attempt to go about it alone which can be very dangerous.

You should also consider having a pair of lightweight aluminum ramps to ensure that you take care of your back while operating the heavy ramps that come with the lift. Also, have a lift that has self-lubricating sheaves since the sheaves take a huge load. Ensure that you constantly check the sheaves and the bearings for any wear and tear.

Benefits of using indoor storage lifts

Car lifts help to reduce the amount of space that the vehicles occupy.

Cost – Using the indoor car lift is a lot cheaper compared to having different garages for every car.

Safety – Car storage lifts give your vehicle enough maximum security preventing the incidence of theft that would otherwise occur when you leave your car in the parking lot outside the house.

Ensures car health – Leaving your car outside, especially in cold weather, is not the best for its engine. Indoor car lifts ensure the car is protected from harsh weather conditions.

Disadvantages of indoor storage lift

Susceptibility to accidents – The chances of an accident occurring are higher when you are using indoor car storage lifts. Many cases that have been reported involve the sudden snap of the springs.

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