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What to Pack in an Emergency Kit for a Road Trip

Pack for a road tripOn June 6, the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour will kick off in Madison, Wisconsin. It is the biggest road trip in the world and includes thousands of cars traveling through seven cities in seven days. Along the way, participants enjoy fun stops, cruise nights and a tremendous amount of vendor booths. Although this sounds exhilarating, it is important to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Here are a few things to pack so that a person is ready when an emergency strikes.


Weather Protection

When a person plans on taking a long road trip, it is important to pack weather protection gear. Participating in The Hot Rod Power Tour means a rider may be facing a week on the road. This long stretch of time will bring various weather conditions. The month of June is known for its quick rain showers, which appear out of nowhere. To enjoy outdoor activities, it is smart to have a raincoat and extra dry clothes available.


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is vital on any road trip. It should contain basic items like aspirin, bandages, antibiotic ointment and peroxide. These common essentials keep a person feeling good and prepared for minor scrapes and bruises that can occur away from home.

It is easy to forget how strong the sun can be, especially on a road trip. Sun penetrates car widows and may lead to sunburn. Packing sunscreen in a first aid kit will keep a person safe while driving and while checking out the hot rods in Champaign, Memphis, Baton Rouge or another stop on the Power Tour.


Maps or GPS Unit

Even though most drivers follow a caravan down a set route during The Hot Rod Power Tour, a person may be interested in further exploration of various cities along the way. It will be helpful to have maps or a GPS unit available. No matter what road trip a person takes, these items will keep him from getting lost.

Road trips can be very exciting, but it is vital to pack a few things that help maintain safety and comfort. The above ideas will bring peace of mind while on the road.


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