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When to Check Your Fluids to Keep Your Car Running Strong

All cars require maintenance so that they run well. The best ways to keep them going strong is to monitor their fluids. These simple preventative measures help avoid expensive repairs. Here are the best times to check important fluids.

Checking Your Oil

Check OilMotor oils lubricate your engine. To check oil levels, a person simply looks at the dipstick. If the level is frequently low, the car may be burning oil and may require a tune-up. In the past, many mechanics recommended a person check the oil each time he or he filled up with gas. However, with today’s technology, it is advised to check it once each month. To prevent corrosion above and below the oil line, a person should consider adding STA-BIL® 360°™ Oil Stabilizer. This product prolongs engine life by reducing friction, heat, and wear.

Transmission Fluid

Check transmission fluidTransmission fluid keeps a car’s gears working smoothly. In automatic transmissions, it also acts as a coolant and has high viscosity transmitting power from the engine to the transmission. Transmission fluid can be monitored in the same manner as oil, but a car should be running at the time. The fluid should never be low, and it should not look brown or smell burnt. It is best to check the fluid once a month.


Other Important Fluids

adding washer fluidCoolant, windshield fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid must be monitored as well. A car’s coolant, or antifreeze, prevents overheating. It can be checked by removing the radiator cap when the vehicle is cool. A person must never check this fluid when a car is running. Most auto experts check coolant levels before summer and before winter.

Windshield fluid helps keep a driver’s field of vision clear. Usually, a person should check to make sure it is filled before each new season. HEET® Windshield Washer De-icer Concentrate is ideal for cold climates. It is guaranteed not to freeze above extreme temperatures, and it dissolves dirt and road scum so that a windshield sparkles.

Similar to transmission fluid, brake fluid should never be low. This liquid keeps brakes working properly. It should be monitored when oil is changed and should be golden in color.

Power steering fluid provides a smooth and easy feel while turning the wheel. It can be checked by viewing the reservoir. It is wise to monitor it once a month or when there are weird sounds occurring during navigation.


Monitoring a car’s fluids on a regular basis will keep it running at peak performance. Knowing the best times to check and marking a calendar with reminders will help save on repair costs and prolong the life of a vehicle.

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