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Why I Joined Cool Rides Online

I have always been fascinated by cars and often wished I had kept some of the great cars that I had owned.  I became a Cougar guy when I bought a new ’70 Eliminator after saving up my money from working in the oil field as a kid. My payments had been $45/month. I had traded in a ’64 Malibu for the Eliminator. When I was in the Navy in 1969 I eloped with my current wife of 46 years and my mother sold my Eliminator because she did not approve.

Ron Dunn Car wblrg

When I was able to get my first classic, a 1970 Mercury Cougar XR7, I wanted to make sure that it was taken care of because it was an investment.  I had lost money on several attempts to invest for my grandchildren so I decided that I would get a Cougar for each of my grandchildren, take good care of them and then gift each car as a legacy for their school, marriage, or other event when they came of age.  My thinking was if I took good care of it, the car would increase in value.  It was a plan where I could invest for the grandkids and enjoy the cars until I turned them over.  I had to protect each investment, make sure they ran well, and increased in value.

As I was surfing the internet looking for info on my cars ( I had 4 cougars at the time)I saw a friend that I had previously helped start a Cougar Club looking at the Coolridesonline.net site and I went to see what it was all about.  This was like an “online car show” for me and it had information about classic cars and it had guys on it that were willing to help with guys like me who learned from their mistakes.  I met some of the guys on the site and I was hooked.  There was also another reason I liked the site:

Ron Dunn with car

When I first joined, in August of 2013, I was President of MARC and chairman of the Big Boys Toys program.  The program was the largest fund raiser for MARC and had in the past raised between $20,000 and $30,000 a year for the programs it provided for the community.  When I was asked to chair the fundraiser we kidded around about why some fund raisers made money and others did not.  I (and others) felt like it was the entertainment that drew the most crowds so I say, heck let’s get Carrie Underwood! We all laughed but it opened the door for out-of-the-box and risky thinking.  We eventually opened with the car show and had Clint Black as entertainment. We invited 30 cars and had room for 500 guests. It worked and we raised over $100,000.  We also needed sponsors, gift bags and door prizes and Gold Eagle & Cool Rides Online were happy to help me out. They even provided one of the trophies we handed out.

I ran another annual car show in my home town and Gold Eagle products helped with it as well.

I am now a Champion for Cool Rides Online and go to car shows and hand out samples of Gold Eagle products.

I am still a member because these guys help recognize car “guys” (and gals) and help educate them on the best methods of protecting their investments.  I am a huge fan of STA-BIL®, 303® products and oil stabilizer.  These products have kept my classic cars in great running condition.

By the way, all my grandchildren except one have received their Cougars and their love for the hobby is as deep as mine.  Cool Rides Online has helped with that as well.

Check out my other cars and photos!

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