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Why I Joined Cool Rides Online

I joined Cool Rides Online in 2012 after receiving a link from a member while on another car forum.  That forum has since died when it got overrun with spam as no one was moderating it.  So, when I came over to Cool Rides Online I was immediately impressed.  Right away my 1981 Harley Davidson Ironhead was entered into the “Ride of the Month” contest and, although I did not win the contest, I received over $150 worth of product from Gold Eagle Co. – sponsors of CRO.  It was awesome receiving such a large box of products- CAR PRODUCTS- what is better than that?  The products that I received were AMAZING, especially a product called 303® Aerospace Protectant.  I was already a user of STA-BIL®, but this 303® Aerospace Protectant was the best thing I had ever used on the interior vinyl parts of my cars.

As a woman who is into cars, I found “the guys” at CRO to be nothing but welcoming.  They didn’t judge and they didn’t discriminate.  All they showed was encouragement and support.

As my life would go in different ways, I knew I could always count on the members of CRO.  As a member of CRO I was very active and would occasionally give ideas to Marcel, the founder of CRO.  While taking a siesta from the internet after my mother died, I came back to CRO and once again found a warm welcome.  While in the woods hunting one day I had an idea about getting more involved with CRO and, once I got home, I immediately emailed Marcel.  He responded and asked me to apply to become a Cool Rides Online Champion. I completed the application and was accepted!

Last year my husband and I started an event called “Throwback Thursdays” held at the local Kenda Drive-In. Our event was on the last Thursday of the month and limited to pre-1980 vehicles.  We opened with the cult classic “Two Lane Blacktop”, moved on to “Vanishing Point”; the 1971 original, watched Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”, and saw a movie titled “Clutch” in June.  Admittance was free and goody bags were given out to all “first-timers” who had not attended one of the movie nights before.  Punch cards were given to each car that came through.  The car owners were told that the more nights they attended the better chance they had at winning prizes.  A couple months into the event, I asked Gold Eagle, makers of 303, if they would donate the grand prizes and they came through in a tremendous way.

Our “Throwback Thursdays” grand finale was held July 28, where we showed “Smokey and the Bandit” and it was AWESOME!  The car owners who attended the most movie nights received wash buckets filled with premium products from 303®.  The winners not only received all seven full sized products, they also got a vast assortment of sponges, towels, microfiber cloths and pads to use with those products!!

Becoming a Cool Rides Online Champion has been an amazing journey!  As a CRO Champ/Gold Eagle Ambassador, I get to talk to people about all of the products that Gold Eagle offers.  Gold Eagle is such a great company and they are very generous with their products for all car related events.  Whether I am in my Charger, my Challenger or riding my Panhead, I have Ziploc bags made up with literature, samples and other goodies to hand out.

When people see how good my cars and my Harley look, they immediately ask what I use and I am able to steer them towards Gold Eagle.  I love being a CRO Champ where I get to combine my love of cars and motorcycles with my love of marketing!

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