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Top Three Helpful Hints for Your Car this Winter

Icy WindshieldIt’s been a rough winter in some parts of the country. So far this season we provided you with tips on what to keep with you in case of an emergency and how to winterize your car. Today we look at preventative measures you can take to make it easier for you to get on the road faster and keep your line of sight clear.

Many parts of the country experience snowy, icy and cold weather during winter. When a car is parked outside, it is forced to deal with these adverse conditions. To get through winter easier, there are three simple tips to follow.


Winter Tip #1 – De-ice with Vinegar

During winter, one of the worst tasks is scraping ice from the car’s windshield. No one enjoys freezing his or her fingers outside each morning while cleaning the car. To prevent this chilly chore, it is recommended to spray a solution of three-parts vinegar to one-part water onto the car’s windshield each night. The acetic acid in the vinegar raises the melting point of water and prevents ice from forming. It is possible to substitute rubbing alcohol for the vinegar as well.


Winter Car Tip #2 – Fog-Proof the Windshield

It is common for a car’s windows and windshield to become fogged-up during winter. As water vapor is exhaled by passengers, it sticks to the windows that are at a temperature below the dew point and causes a fogging effect. Many drivers run the heat to raise the glass’s temperature and prevent fogging. However, this takes time to work. A better way to prevent fogging is to apply shaving cream to the windshield, which creates a protective film. It is advised to spread some over the inside of the windshield and wipe it off with a paper towel. Since shaving cream contains ingredients similar to those found in commercial defogging products, it is an inexpensive way to maintain a safe view of the road.


Winter Car Tip #3 – Keep Headlights Clear

During winter, roads become filled with sludge, snow, slush and dirt. This accumulates on a car’s headlights, which makes it difficult to navigate in the dark. To prevent this from occurring, it is helpful to apply car wax to the headlights and wipe it away. This provides a film that repels water and keeps the headlights clear for up to six weeks.

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