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5 Tips to Clean Car Upholstery

Motorists and enthusiasts who value their vehicles may benefit from learning more about the proper way to clean car upholstery. Anyone who has children or spends a significant amount of time inside their vehicles understands how messy automobiles can get in a short amount of time. The most effective tools, …

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How to Quick Wax Your Car

There’s nothing better than a high-quality cleaning and waxing to make your car stand out from the crowd, but it can be hard to find the time for a traditional wax. With specially designed carnauba quick wax products such as 303® Automotive Quick Wax, waxing your car is quicker and …

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Quick Detailing Tips and Tricks

Wash Car

Achieving a professional automotive detailing look at home can be a challenge.   Using the Right Soap The first step in detailing a car correctly is choosing the right liquid soap. Most car owners believe that dishwashing soap is great to use because it’s a natural degreasing agent. Unfortunately, this …

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Tips to Repair a Windshield Scratch

Windshield Scratch

Trying to remove a scratch from a windshield can be a real challenge, and everyone has a different home remedy. Below are three of the best tips for repairing a scratched windshield. Before trying any of these tips, however, it’s important to ensure that the windshield is scratched, not cracked. …

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