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GM A-body Battle

[Vote in poll at bottom] This year we’ve decided to increase the competition. Each month two rides will go head-to-head in fierce competition for bigger, better prizes. The Ride of the Month winners will have a chance to compete for the 2017 Ride of the Year! Now to meet the first head-to-head competitors: Chevelle vs. Oldsmobile …

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Muscle Mondays – 1970 Oldsmobile 442

1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30

Although the Oldsmobile brand is now defunct, it held an important place in the history of the auto industry. Like other manufacturers, it had its share of great successes. One of its most memorable vehicles was its 442, especially the 1970 version. In the 1960s, Oldsmobile successfully launched its muscle …

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1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass – Diesel


The Oldsmobile Cutlass once topped car sales in this country. However, in 1979, GM introduced a diesel version that proved very uneventful. At this point, GM was not comfortable with diesel technology and should have halted production until development was better prepared. This lack of knowledge produced a car that …

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The 3 Biggest Lemons of All Time


How bad can a car be? While serious reliability problems in modern cars are usually limited to low production models, there have been a few notable times when bad cars have derailed entire companies and set back the adoption of new technologies. Here are the three biggest such disappointments of …

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