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Coolest Rides in TV Shows History

Television plays an important role in pop culture. Throughout history, certain shows have shaped the way people live. Characters and plot lines are forever ingrained in the minds of viewers. Some programs have included memorable vehicles as well. Here are the top three cars in television history.   Ferrari 308 …

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Bill Gates and His Affinity for Porsche’s

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is known for his knowledge of software and his willingness to donate to important charities. However, this “computer geek” has a fascination with Porsche vehicles. His collection includes some of the finest models ever produced by the German manufacturer.   1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible …

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The Best Movie Road Trip Car

The best movie road trip car ever is a familiar make. It co-starred with Barry Newman in the early ’70s cult classic “Vanishing Point.” The 1970 Dodge Challenger in the film is hands-down the best movie road trip car. Made to compete in the pony car arena of that time, …

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