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STA-BIL® 360° Performance on the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour

360_PerformanceSTA-BIL® 360° Performance will be hosting the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour Dyno Challenge. The Dyno Challenge is a huge crowd-pleaser and STA-BIL® is excited to host the machine that is the defining measure of horsepower. Because the Hot Rod Power Tour is a traveling car show with a celebratory atmosphere, there is always plenty to look forward to.

Gold Eagle Company’s own Sales and Marketing Support Manager and National Sales Manager, Matt Banach and Sonny Mendiola, already have a few years of Tour experience under their belts. Mendiola has been a Long Hauler through all seven cities three times before and Banach has been a Long Hauler once himself. With almost 6,000 participant vehicles and over 100,000 spectators in 2014 (the event’s 20th Anniversary), 2015 will most likely see more Long Haulers than ever before. “You meet the nicest people,” Banach said about the experience. “Seeing the back roads of America is a blast.” This year the Tour will begin in Madison, Wisconsin and make its way down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana – staying in a new city every day for seven days.

Eagerly anticipating his fifth Hot Rod Power Tour experience, Mendiola gave some insight into what it’s like to drive your car on an open road: “It’s freedom. It’s just you on the road. There’s also a huge sense of accomplishment in driving an older vehicle—something you’ve worked on—and making it through those thousands of miles.” Mendiola said that he also enjoys the camaraderie surrounding the experience. Anyone can sign up to be a Long Hauler and there are always thousands of spectators at each location along the way to talk to. Everyone is showing off their car, no matter what make or model. “It’s amazing to see what people do,” Mendiola said about the huge variety of cars and car designs that he sees on tour every year. Also, with a lot of older cars on the road, there’s also a high probability that someone’s car will break down. “I’ve even seen a Vega towing another hot rod down the highway,” he said. Each tour can be a surprise to both the spectators and drivers themselves.


Gold Eagle and STA-BIL® 360° Performance look forward to hosting the Dyno Challenge this year. Manager of the Dyno, Gary Ubert, knows just how much traffic that the machine can attract. “It draws so many people each day,” he said. “Everyone wants to test their car’s horsepower and find out the true number—which may not always be what they expected, or hoped for.” Banach has also witnessed what the results of the challenge can do to some drivers. “It’s fun to see people’s reaction to how much power their car actually makes. You tend to see more upset people than happy people in that case. There are a lot of broken dreams,” he said. Mendiola, who has had one of his own classic cars on the Dyno, agrees: “There should be a separate room for people to be in when you get the news,” he joked. Although it may not always yield positive news for the cars’ owners, the Dyno Challenge brings a unique and thrilling experience for everyone. It’s a true way to see how a car can perform.

Stop by to witness the “largest road trip in the world” and come visit Gold Eagle Company and STA-BIL® 360° Performance at the Dyno Challenge. We’ll see you on the road!

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