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Tell us what was the best road trip you ever took?

Taking the 'ole Cadillac through Route 66Keeping on the theme we started last week in the thread “CoolRidesOnline.net Anniversary Topics“, during the month of April we will be hosting a different discussion every week in honor of our 1-year annniversary!

First, we want to acknowledge 104+ Octane Boost for sponsoring this week’s topic. This week we want to hear from you about the BEST road trip you have ever taken in your Cool Ride! Was it as part of the long haul at the Hot Rod Power Tour? Did you do the ‘ole Route 66? Maybe it was just a cruise around town with your best friends from the local car club. You tell us!

Every day we’ll select a story that caught our attention and that member will receive a care package with free product and apparel.  At the end of the week, we will select our favorite entry and that member will also recieve a $100 gift card!


1. Story must be posted in the Sponsor’s Corner for 104+ as either it’s own thread or as a response.

2. To qualify for the $100 gift card, story must be submitted by Friday April 13th

3. Your forum account must have a valid email or phone number



1. Be sure to post the story in the right pace.

2. You get an extra point for every relevant picture you include

3. You get triple points for including a video (How to embed Youtube video)

We look forward to reading all of your great stories and best of luck!!!

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